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We Edit Podcasts authors are typically podcasters, producers, copywriters, or marketers. We love originality and want our authors to share their unique learning experiences. Have an idea that you feel would make a good writing piece? Keep reading.

Our goal is to produce high-quality content that benefits our readers, and we are always looking for new opportunities to do this. As such we would welcome your contribution. By sharing your experiences on a recent project, including lessons learned and successes and failures, you can create an engaging and informative article that our readers will greatly benefit from.

And we would love to give you that opportunity!

As a token of our appreciation, we will offer you a monetary honorarium and give you full credit for your work. Please take the time to read this information before reaching out with your idea, as it will increase your chances of having your article accepted.

Who Can Submit An Article?

Anybody can…as long as you are not a spammer! (We really hate spam!) Our team includes both experienced writers and beginners. We welcome first-time writers! With our editorial oversight, we can provide a supportive environment for you to publish your first piece. To get started, all you need is a topic or idea that you would like to share and the ability to create an outline detailing the focus and structure of your piece. 

We do have a writing guide that we will share should your initial pitch be accepted.

If accepted, we will gladly assist you in the writing and revision process. It would be an honor for us to be a part of your writing journey.

Tips for a Successful Submission

Take some time to read through The Podcast Digest (our blog) as this will give you an idea of what we’ve written about recently. Submissions that offer something different, or another perspective on a recent topic will have a better chance of acceptance.

Our aim is that every piece published on The Podcast Digest offers our readers tons of value. 

As such we have a couple of tips:

  • When you pitch your article to us, show us that you’ve done your research. Have a clear idea (or ideas!) you’d like to write about, and detail why you believe our readers would benefit from your article. Don’t be vague here! Give us a thorough pitch!
  • Aim to write about something you’re passionate about or something you have background knowledge on. This helps give your writing more authority, which is beneficial to our readers.
  • Whatever you write about, do your research. If you make claims, back them up! 
  • Always strive for clarity and clear communication. A great article is one that has a clear focus and whose points serve to support the main idea.
  • We don’t take kindly to fluff! While we aim to hit a word count of between 1500-1800, don’t fill up your article with subpar material just to hit a word count. This benefits no one, and could see your submission rejected.
  • And finally, proofread your work before submitting! This displays an attention to detail – something we look for and value  in our writers.

What Kind Of Articles Do We Publish?

While we mainly publish articles focused on podcasting or other topics relevant to the audio space, we are not limited to this. Lifestyle-focused articles, and other types of listicles are also highly beneficial to our readers:

We publish:

  • Tutorials: These can be podcast-specific, or related to any area you believe our readers would enjoy learning about.
  • Opinion Pieces: Do you have a strong opinion on something related to the podcast industry, or something relevant to our readers? We love these types of articles. However, you must have the research to back it up. 
  • Ultimate Guides: These are longer articles that are value-dense. These tend to be most successful when they showcase your area of expertise. 
  • Case Studies: These are characterized by a focus on practical, real-world examples which will be useful to our readers.
  • Listicles: Well-written listicles on an interesting or relevant topic are always a welcome addition to our blog.

Publishing Policy

We do accept guest posts on our blog, The Podcast Digest.

However, we do have a firm set of guidelines to which every post must adhere before we consider publishing it on The Podcast Digest.

Every article has to provide value and tangible insights to our readers. As such, each post submitted is reviewed by one of our management team before it gets published. 

Not every article survives this process. And we reserve the right to decline a submission should it not meet our standards and criteria.

We do have a thorough quality control system in place. This helps us ensure that any content published on The Podcast Digest benefits our readers.

In order for your submission to have the highest chance of acceptance, kindly adhere to our publishing policy below:

  • We only publish original content. No submission that is a duplicate of content posted on another site will be accepted as a guest post. 
  • Any quoted content must be linked to the original source.
  • We don’t publish press releases or any other public relations-type content.
  • We will always thoroughly check submissions for plagiarism and will never publish something that reproduces the work of another or violates the rights of the original author, if we are able to detect, through reasonable effort, the presence of illegal sources or instances of copyright infringement. 
  • We don’t participate in any kind of partner-linking system.
  • Links in our articles are not for sale. We never place links as favors to business partners or any third parties in blog posts.

Submitting an Article

  1. Get your pitch ready and follow the instructions in the form in order to submit your idea/ideas for consideration.
  2. We’ll get back to you in due time with our thoughts on your pitched idea. 
  3. If you have any questions, please reach out to our head of content, Jennay Horn.

Ready to Write for us?

We look forward to receiving your pitch.

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