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The Exciting Podcast Events of 2024 Part 2: June -December

We’re nearing the halfway mark of 2024! This means it’s time to circle back to the Events Calendar to check out the exciting podcast events of 2024 still to take place this year. 

Podcast events provide unparalleled opportunities for podcasters and podcast enthusiasts to connect, learn, and grow. These events are perfect for networking, meeting your podcasting idols, forging valuable relationships, and staying current with the latest trends and developments in the podcasting world. Whether you’re looking to learn from industry experts or discover emerging voices, podcast events are a must-attend for anyone passionate about the podcasting space.

And as the podcasting landscape continues to evolve, there are still a host of exciting podcast events of 2024 lined up from June to December. Whether you’re a seasoned podcaster, a newcomer to the scene, or an avid listener, these events offer valuable opportunities for learning, networking, and growth. 

Let’s dive into the must-attend podcast events for the second half of 2024.

The Exciting Podcast Events of 2024 Part 2: June -December


Podcast Power Up Summit

Podcast events of 2024: Podcast Power-Up Summit
  • Date: 2 June, 2024
  • Location: Toronto, Canada
  • Event type: In Person 
  • Cost: $100

The Podcast Power-Up Summit: Emerging Voices and Industry Innovators is more than just your average podcast event, It’s a chance to hear from, and network with, some of the top experts and podcasters from across North America. And it’s a community where you can exchange ideas, gain insights, and forge meaningful connections that can propel your podcasting journey forward.

You can find out all about this upcoming podcast event of 2024 here.

This Is How We Podcast

This is how we podcast
  • Date: 13 June, 2024
  • Event type: Virtual 
  • Cost: Free

Over the last 6 months, The Podcast Catalyst has hosted three events specifically for podcasters, attracting the interest of more than 200 people in Cape Town. 

In June, they are making the circle even bigger with a virtual event all about best audio practices. From equalizing to syncing and everything in between, they’re going to show us how it get’s done.

This time, Lindsay Johnson, the sound wizard at Crossfade Studio will lead the session at this event. He’ll unpack the best practices for capturing and editing your audio and show you how it’s done. Get a direct line of sight on how to make your podcasting workflow better. 

You can find out more here.

SA Podcast and Music Festival

SA Podcast And Music Festival
  • Date: 14 – 15 June, 2024
  • Location: Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Event type: In Person 
  • Cost: R600 + 

The SA Podcast & Music Festival is a brand-new podcast event where brands, businesses, culture, and creativity converge in a celebration of the arts. 

The SA Podcast and Music Event is set to be a landmark gathering for podcasters, music enthusiasts, and industry professionals. Scheduled to take place in the vibrant city of Johannesburg, at Emperors Palace.

This event promises to be a dynamic blend of insightful discussions, live performances, and unparalleled networking opportunities.

Find out more here.

International Women’s Podcast Awards

International Women's Podcast Awards
  • Date: 19 June, 2024
  • Location: London
  • Event type: In-Person and Virtual
  • Cost: £10-£60 

The International Women’s Podcast Awards is both a podcast awards program as well as a podcast event! The International Women’s Podcast Awards aims to honor and celebrate moments of brilliance in podcasting and the women and people of diverse genders that produce them. 

The submissions have been judged, the nominee shortlists are in! All that’s left now is to celebrate the winners! 

This podcast awards event will take place on the 19th of June, 2024 at the Savoy Place in London, but it will also be a virtual event.

You can find out more about the International Women’s Podcast Awards here.

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True Crime and Paranormal Festival

True Crime and Paranormal Festival
  • Date: 12-14 July, 2024
  • Place: Denver, Colorado
  • Event type: In-person
  • Cost: $219 – $249 with add-ons available. Find out more here.

Are you a true crime aficionado or a fan of the paranormal? Then you won’t want to miss the 2024 True Crime and Paranormal Festival! This exciting event offers podcast listeners the unique opportunity to meet and interact with their favorite podcasters and content creators in person.

This year’s festival promises an array of crossover collaborations you won’t find anywhere else. It’s a true fan’s dream come true!

As always, there will be live recordings, and engaging panel discussions, and the main draw of the festival is the large Podcast Gallery.

Picture a hall filled with tables representing the best in the true crime and paranormal podcast genres. Podcasters step out from behind their microphones to meet and mingle with fans. Engage in conversations, snap selfies, and create lasting memories with your favorite podcast creators.

Find out more here.

Next up, in August…


Podcast Movement

Podcast Movement
  • Date: 19-22 August, 2024
  • Location: Washington, D.C.
  • Event type: In Person 
  • Cost: Currently $339 – $639

Podcast Movement stands as the premier podcast conference worldwide. Each year, this event unites thousands of dedicated podcasters and industry professionals from across the globe. It’s a unique opportunity to learn, grow professionally, and, most importantly, evolve and hone your podcasting skills. 

This year, the event takes place in Washington, D.C., and spans over four dynamic days filled with keynotes, breakout sessions, panel discussions, and networking meetups. There are also usually all kinds of fun things like a pre-event day, add-on workshops, as well as some cool parties!

The core content at Podcast Movement is organized into several topic-based tracks, making it easy for attendees to find sessions that align with their interests and goals.

There are three different passes available, all with different price points.

You can find out more here. There are also currently discounts, payment plans, and team discounts available.

Moving on to September we have…


Podcast Day Asia

Podcast Day Asia
  • Date: 3 September, 2024
  • Location: Kuala Lumpur
  • Event type: In Person 
  • Cost: Find out more about registering and tickets here.

Programmed once again by Podnews Editor and Radio Futurologist James Cridland, Podcast Day Asia 2024 is set to be a day brimming with fantastic speakers and invaluable insights. Whether you’re an independent podcaster, or work within the audio or podcasting industry, Podcast Day Asia offers a wealth of knowledge, opportunities to make connections, and the chance to expand your network.

Podcast Day Asia will feature, amongst other cool happenings, a lineup of industry experts who will share their insights on monetization, listener trends, audience growth strategies, and business expansion. Learn from the best in the field and discover the latest technology advancements, especially in AI tools, to enhance your podcasting skills.

You can find out more about this podcast event here.

London Podcast Festival

London Podcast Festival
  • Date: September 5 – 15 September, 2024
  • Location: London
  • Event type: In-person and virtual
  • Cost: Find out more here.

In September, head on over to London for the London Podcast Festival. Produced by the UK’s home of live podcasting, Kings Place, the festival features live shows, workshops, meet and greets, panels, and classes to celebrate the art of podcasting, and the best in UK and international podcasting talent. 

Taking place in front of a live audience at Kings Place, the festival is a chance to celebrate the fast-growing popularity of podcasts whilst giving listeners the chance to meet their favorite podcast hosts. A number of the events will be live-streamed to audiences across the world via KPlayer, the Kings Place pay-per-view platform

With its unique blend of entertainment and insights, the London Podcast Festival promises an unforgettable experience for podcast enthusiasts and creators alike.

Find out more about all that’s on in London here.


  • Date: 20 – 21 September, 2024
  • Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  • Event type: In-person 
  • Cost: Find out more about tickets here.

PodSummit YYC 2024 will bring together the brightest minds and most innovative voices in Canadian podcasting for two days of networking, learning, and inspiration. Attendees can look forward to a diverse and dynamic lineup of keynote speakers, panel discussions, workshops, live podcasts, and interactive sessions exploring the latest trends, strategies, and technologies shaping the future of podcasting.

Find out all you need to know here.

International Podcast Day

International Podcast Day
  • Date: September 30, 2024
  • Event Type: Virtual
  • Cost: Free

Mark your calendars! On September 30, 2024, podcasters and podcast enthusiasts from around the world will come together once again to celebrate International Podcast Day!

Since its inception in 2015, International Podcast Day has grown tremendously, bringing together voices from nearly 70 countries. This special day celebrates the power of podcasts and highlights the global reach and impact of this dynamic medium. Each year, hundreds of hours of audio are broadcast in celebration, showcasing the diversity and creativity of podcasters worldwide.

To get ideas for how you can celebrate, or what’s on the cards for this year’s celebration, click here.

Heading into October, we have…


International Women’s Podcast Festival

International Womens Podcast festival
  • Date: 3 -4 October, 2024
  • Location: London
  • Event type: In-person and virtual
  • Cost: Find out more here.

In October, Content is Queen and Spotify are hosting the International Women’s Podcast Festival 2024. This is a two-day event with the mission to unite the global community of female innovators and leaders in podcasting, audio, and broadcasting.

The festival, now in its fourth year, is a celebration of diversity and creativity in the podcasting industry, offering an intersectional experience tailored to help podcasters create and grow in an inclusive and inviting space. It includes live podcast shows, masterclasses, and workshop curation designed to accelerate careers and develop audio skills.

There’ll even be an evening with Sarah Koenig!

Find out more here.

Afros & Audio Podcast Festival

Afros and audio festival
  • Date: 18-20 October, 2024
  • Location: Baltimore, MD
  • Event type: In-person
  • Cost: Find out all the information on tickets and passes here.

This year will be the 6th Annual Afros & Audio Podcast Festival. This podcast conference celebrates diversity, creativity, and the indie spirit of podcasting. By attending this podcast event, you’ll be able to connect with like-minded creatives and industry experts, learn from workshops, panel discussions, and a live show. You’ll also join the celebration of the diversity and creativity of Black podcasting, and have the opportunity to grow your podcast with valuable resources and guidance.

You can find out more here.

The Cheerful Earful

The Cheerful Earful
  • Date: Not yet released
  • Location: UK
  • Type: In person

Another exciting podcast event still to be added to the 2024 calendar is The Cheerful Earful, the ultimate festival celebrating funny podcasts, both big and small. At his podcast festival, audiences can enjoy live shows of their favorite podcasts featuring all-star guests from the world of British comedy and beyond.

As the UK’s first comedy-podcast festival, Cheerful Earful is a dedicated space to honor the podcasts that make us laugh. It’s a showcase of the nation’s most beloved pods and a platform for emerging shows to connect with new audiences and grow their fan base.

The creators of this festival are committed to establishing and expanding a legacy event that highlights hilarious podcasts, whether they have legions of fans or a handful of loyal listeners. While no exact details have been given for this year’s event, it is promised to return, so stay tuned!

Find out more here.

So Many Podcast Events of 2024 to Look Forward To!

From industry giants to niche community gatherings, the second half of 2024 is packed with podcast events that promise to inspire, educate, and connect podcasters from all walks of life. As the podcasting landscape continues to evolve, attending podcast events can provide valuable insights, networking opportunities, and a chance to be part of the vibrant podcasting community. Also, who doesn’t love attending events, right?! We’re so excited about the diverse range of podcast events still on the calendar for 2024. Each event offers something unique, catering to various aspects of podcasting, whether it’s technical details, marketing strategies, networking, or just plain fun!

These podcast events of 2024 are not to be missed if you want to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in podcasting, expand your network, and gain fresh perspectives. So mark your calendar, book your tickets, and enjoy all the opportunities the world of podcasting has to offer!

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