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how to do a digital spring clean

How To Do a Digital Spring Clean (Checklist Included!)

Is it time for a digital spring clean? As the gentle warmth of spring begins to thaw the last of winter for all our Northern Hemisphere readers, it’s time to embrace the spirit of renewal and rejuvenation. And what better way to do that than by giving your digital life a much-needed spring cleaning? And if you’re one of our South Hemisphere dwellers, fear not! It may be turning colder where you are, but a little digital spring clean may be just what you need to bring a little digital light to your life.

Just as we tidy up our physical spaces, it’s a really great idea to declutter and organize our digital spaces, too, from time to time. Many of us are living more and more of our lives in a digital world. And our digital lives can quickly become cluttered with outdated files, unused apps, and just general digital clutter. 

But there’s an easy fix! A digital spring clean! So, let’s dive into why and how to do a digital spring clean, and why NOW is the perfect time to do it.


Keep reading! We’ve included a bonus fun freebie to help you get that ball rolling on your digital spring clean! You don’t want to miss it!

Why Should You Do a Digital Spring Clean?

digital spring clean

As we mentioned above, our digital spaces need the occasional spring clean, just as our physical spaces do. We spend so much time on our PCs, smartphones, and tablets – whether it’s work-related, or in our personal lives. And if we’re not meticulous in our day-to-day operations (a clue, I certainly am not! As much as I try or aspire to be!) our galleries, inboxes, desktops, and files become cluttered and disorganized. And I don’t know about you, but this is super frustrating at times, and can even go as far as to put me in a bad mood!

But that’s not the only reason why a digital spring clean is in order from time to time! 

1. Boost Productivity

A cluttered digital space can be overwhelming and distracting. And it can also mean you take way to long to find what you’re looking for! By decluttering your digital life, you’ll create a more focused and productive environment.

2. Streamline Workflow

Along with boosting your productivity, a decluttered and organized digital workspace makes it easier to find what you need when you need it. This is an underrated way to streamline your workflow and save you time.

Which is what we’re all after, right?

3. Free Up Storage Space

Digital clutter can also take up valuable storage space on all our devices. So periodically clearing out your old files, galleries, and apps can free up that much-needed space. And, of course, this can then also improve device performance. Another win!

4. Enhance Security

Doing a digital cleanup is also a great time to look at your security protocols and enhance your overall digital security. So take the time to back up and update your passwords and other cyber-security protocols.

So that’s the “why”, now let’s talk about the “how”! 

(And don’t forget that free checklist!)

How To Do a Digital Spring Clean

spring clean, free checklist included

1. Cleanup 

Begin your digital spring clean with a general cleanup. You can start by organizing your files and Folders. Sort through your documents, photos, files, and your downloads folder, and organize these into logical folders. You can also use this time to delete duplicate files, archive old folders and files, or just delete anything you no longer need.

Next, turn your attention to your desktop! Clean up and re-organize your desktop files. This can help speed up your device, but it also can help streamline your process and minimize your frustration.

2. Declutter

Next, turn your attention to your inboxes and mailing lists. These also need a little digital spring clean from time to time. Start by creating folders or labels to organize emails into categories. And then start filing your emails or subscriptions under these.

You should also take some time to unsubscribe from unnecessary email lists and newsletters. Sometimes we sign up to these, thinking they’ll add value. But if you haven’t opened a single email from a certain sender in months, it’s probably best to declutter those inboxes and unsubscribe!

And don’t forget to clean out your trash and spam folders!

You can also extend your digital spring clean to your social media accounts. Unfollow social media accounts that no longer add value, that are no longer active, or those you’re simply no longer interested in seeing content from.

This frees you up to see all that stuff you’re actually interested in!

3. Back-Up

The next step in your digital spring clean is to back up. This is something we often neglect…and then seriously regret when things go wrong! But this is an easy fix if you add ‘backing up’ into your digital spring clean routine.

Systematically go through your devices and ensure that your important files and data are backed up securely. You can back up your files either to cloud storage or to external drives.

You could also consider going through your passwords and updating these, as well as any other security protocols. 

Finally, it’s always a good idea to periodically run security scans on the relevant devices to check for malware or viruses.

4. Update

Now, it’s time to update! Here, you can start by auditing your social accounts. And then update your banners, bios, relevant links, your contact info, or anything else that may have changed or needs something added.

Now is also a great time to do those software and app updates that have been accumulating!

5. Refresh

Finally, it’s time for a refresh. It’s always a great idea to spruce up and refresh your elements from time to time. Not only to help keep your audience and followers engaged but as they say, a change is often as good as a rest. And so a refresh can just give you some added inspiration and motivation.

You can use this time to refresh your marketing strategies, take new headshots for your profiles, or revamp your banners or other assets.

If you have a podcast, a digital spring clean could be the perfect time to podcast artwork, as well as some of your other episode elements. You could record a new intro, and outro, add new ads, or update your CTAs.


6. Detox

As part of your digital spring clean, it’s a great time to think about instituting a digital detox plan. We all know that there are great benefits to spending dedicated time away from our screens. But knowing and doing are two vastly different things!

A digital detox won’t happen unless you make a plan for it! So make it a goal to set boundaries for screen time and prioritize activities that nourish your mind, body, and soul.

Free Digital Spring Clean Checklist

We Edit Podcasts Digital Spring Clean Free Checklist

As promised! We’ve created a fun freebie just for you! To help you kickstart your digital spring cleaning journey, we’ve prepared a comprehensive checklist that you can download for free. This checklist will make it easy 

[Download your free Digital Spring Clean Checklist here!]

Conclusion on the Digital Spring Clean

By following these tips, you’ll not only declutter and organize your digital life but also create a more secure, productive, and streamlined digital life. Not to mention, a whole lot less frustration! And clean and tidy files just look so good! So, embrace a fresh start, whether you’re officially entering Spring or not, use our free checklist, and start that digital spring clean today!

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