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The Best Gifts for your Podcast-Loving Valentine This Valentine’s Day

Looking for the perfect gifts for your podcasting Valentine? Look no further! Whether they’re a podcast host or a podcast enthusiast, we’ve gathered together a whole list of great gifts perfect for Valentine’s Day, or any occasion for that matter!

From microphones and headphones to software and subscriptions, gadgets, merch, and more, you’re sure to find the perfect gift for the podcasting people in your life.

Check these out!

1. Gear

For the newbie, would-be, or long-time pro podcast hosts, new podcasting gear is always a great gift! There are the basics for those just starting out, or you could invest in a grand upgrade if you’re wanting to go all out for the occasion!

Here are our top gear gift suggestions.


For those just starting out, an entry level mic would make a superb gift. USB mics are great because you simply plug that baby into a laptop, and you’re ready to go!

Popular choices when it comes to USB mics are the ATR2100 or the Blue Yeti. And there’s also the Blue Snowball Ice, which comes in at a lower price point. These mics offer great quality at relatively inexpensive prices so they won’t break the bank.

If you’re looking to really spoil your gift recipient, then you could look at upgrading their mic situation with  the Rode NT-USB Mini Condenser Microphone or the Shure SM58. These are great options if someone is looking to take their podcasting to the next level.

Earphones and Headphones

A pair of earphones is a great gift for podcast fans and podcast creators alike.

A good pair of earphones or earbuds make the podcast listening experience infinitely better! But they’re also perfect for the recording process. And so any quality earphones would make an awesome gift!

But a pair of quality headphones are also an asset, besides helping the podcast host look the part! Two popular headphones amongst podcasters are theAudio Technica ATH-M30x and the Sony MDR-7506.

Other Gear Options

There are also some other gear options that could make for great gifts.

  • Mic stands – mic stands help podcasters capture great audio. Different mics have different “sweet spots” and mic stands can help make sure you’re always getting the best from your mic.
  • Pop filters – pop filters are a great addition to any podcast set up. They can totally eliminate the popping sound that often happens when speaking into a microphone, making those recordings even better!
  • Vlogging kit – this is a fun gift if the podcaster is thinking of branching into video podcasting! A simple vlogging kit could be the perfect gift to get them started.

2. Start-to-Finish Podcast Packages

Wouldn’t a start-to-finish podcast package make the perfect gift? Yes! Yes, it would! And it just so happens We Edit Podcasts, RØDE Microphones, and Spreaker, together with Staples have this on offer!

The package includes a RØDE NT-USB Mini Mic, a free editing-only trial episode from We Edit Podcasts, and one free year of Spreaker Podcast Hosting Services! It really has got everything a would-be podcast host needs to launch their very own show. What a great gift!

The start-to-finish podcasting package is available at select Staples US Retail Locations and retails for $109. For more, follow this link.

3. Subscriptions

Subscriptions are an often over-looked gift idea! But they’re a great option because there are so many options!

If you’re looking for gifts for podcast listeners, subscriptions to premium content on their favorite podcast app would always be a winner! Subscriptions or gift cards to Spotify or Stitcher PremiumLuminary, or Wondery Plus, or to any of the subscription offers available on Apple Podcasts would definitely be a welcome gift!

For the podcast host, why not gift subscriptions to services that will help them take their show to the next level! Whether that’s hosting services from Buzzsprout, show notes and editing services from us at We Edit Podcasts, remote recording services from SquadCast, or even a subscription to Headliner or a similar platform for the ability to create unlimited audiograms, any of these would be a really thoughtful, and much-appreciated gift!

4. Courses

Skill developing and building courses are another totally under-utilized gift idea! Sites like UdemySkillshare, or Coursera offer courses on almost everything under the sun! So you’ll have so many options to pick from.

You could focus on podcast-related skills and buy a course for audio or video editing, content writing, or even the basics of blogging or search engine optimization. These may be skills the podcaster wants to develop and hone, and giving these courses as a gift is a great way to get the ball rolling.

But you could also look at personal development courses. There are those that guide you in building good time management skills, ones that help you get organized, ones that show you how to prioritize your schedule and boost your productivity, and there are even courses available which focus on helping you develop good habits and practice healthy self-care. All of which would make for thoughtful gifts.

NOTE: Before purchasing a course or online training program, be sure to do your due diligence by checking what others have said about the course. There are far too many courses promising the world, but which totally fail to deliver. So be sure to read reviews before purchasing these for your loved ones.

5. Podcast Newsletters

Here’s a fun, and a little out-of-the-box gift idea for the podcast hosts in your life…get their podcast on podcast newsletters! There are a whole load of really excellent podcast recommendation newsletters, like EarBuds Podcast Collective, Find That Pod, or Podcast Delivery all of which are great options. Find out how you can submit your loved one’s podcast, and you can surprise them with a mention on an upcoming newsletter.

You could also look into purchasing an advertising spot on podcast industry newsletters like Podnews or the Podcast Business Journal. This is a really thoughtful way to promote their podcast, and a great way to turn your gift into a super surprise!

6. Tickets to Podcast Events

The podcast industry knows how to throw some pretty cool events! And so it follows that tickets to these events would make amazing gifts for your podcasting loved ones!

Again, this is a great gift option for podcast listeners and podcast hosts alike, as there are so many events for each side of the line.

For podcast creators, you could go big and get tickets to arguably the biggest podcast conference of them all, Podcast Movement, which is an incredible conference geared towards helping podcast creators and hosts connect with others in the industry and learn from some of the best in the business. But there are many other options with a range of ticket prices.

To find out more, check out this post: Podcast Events 2022 Part 1: January to June.

For podcast fans, individual podcasts are also often hosting their own events for their listeners! You can attend live recordings of episodes, meet-and-greets with the hosts of your favorite shows, as well as interactive Q&A sessions where you can really get to interact with your favorite hosts.

Make a list of their favorite shows, and do some Internet snooping to find out if any of their top podcasts are hosting live events in the near future. Tickets to these would be a really fantastic gift, on Valentine’s Day, or on any other occasion!

There are also some cool events, such as Crime Con, which, if True Crime podcasts are a firm favorite, tickets to this would be an awesome gift.

7. Podcast Merch

And for our last gift idea? Merch! Who doesn’t love podcast merch! So many much-loved podcasts have now started selling some really fantastic apparel, especially for their devoted followers! This is a fantastic method to show your support for some of your favorite podcasts, while presenting some unique presents! 

There are sites set up specifically for podcasters to share their wares. Podswag has loads of amazing products from so many amazing podcasts! If you’re looking for an amazing podcast-related gift, Podswag will definitely have it! There is also Redbubble, a site where products are designed and sold by artists, which is another great site for unique podcast-centric gifts.

But besides these e-commerce sites, many podcasts have merch for sale via their podcast’s website. If you know the podcasts your intended gift recipient loves, then a little more of that Internet snooping is in order to find out if they have some super cool merch you can give as a super cool gift on any occasion.

Closing Thoughts

For Valentine’s Day, birthdays, or those “just because” gifts, this list has you covered! These gift ideas perfect for the podcast host or the podcast enthusiast in your life…or for yourself because there’s nothing that says you can’t give yourself great podcast gifts!

For those podcast people in your life, these gifts are the perfect way to show you care about their passions, and with the vast range of options available, you’ll have gift-giving sorted for many occasions to come!

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